concussion rehab

A specialized form of physiotherapy for individuals following a concussion. It includes a thorough objective assessment of your symptoms. The brain is our control center of the body, which can lead to a wide range of overwhelming symptoms. A physiotherapist with the right knowledge, experience and understanding of the brain is an essential guide in your concussion recovery.

Who can benefit?

Any individual following a concussion. Even if it is days, weeks, months or years after your injury we can help! It is never too early or too late to get the appropriate concussion care.

How does Physiotherapy help a concussion?

Determine the primary symptoms and areas of concern. These may include: headaches/migraines, neck pain and dizziness, poor coordination and balance, decreased exercise tolerance. By identifying these it can help guide us to the most appropriate recovery path for you!

1:1 Individualized Concussion Assessments (1.5 hours)

1:1 Individualized Concussion Follow-Up (30-45 minutes)

why choose b3 therapy?

how can physiotherapy be accessed?


In-clinic treatments that may include acupuncture, manual therapy, and/or exercise as required.


Online video appointments available to ALL Ontario residents and also covered by private health insurance companies.


In-person and virtual appointments mixed to suit your busy lifestyle and needs.