Massage Therapy

What is Registered Massage Therapy?

Registered Massage Therapy is a manipulation of soft tissues of the body. The soft tissues of the body include: 


What can I expect at my first Massage Therapy Appointment?

You will have a session with your massage therapist where they will learn about you and your needs.

Overall this may include:

Concussion Rehabilitation & Assessments

Concussions are complex and individualized. Often they are treated with massage in various areas based on the nature of the injury. 

This often includes the neck, jaw, head musculature, upper body or back areas. 

Massage therapy helps to decrease neck & jaw tension that may be contributing to tightness, ringing in the ears or jaw clenching. 

It also helps to down-regulate the nervous system and to engage the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest system) to help with stress post-injury.

Temporomandibular (TMJ) Massage Therapy

TMJ (jaw) services include a thorough assessment & massage treatment of the surrounding structures. 

This may include: head, neck, facial muscles. 

TMJ often includes intra-oral techniques that have been shown to be VERY effective in treating: TMJ pathologies, headaches, migraines, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), neck pain, and/or bruxism (clenching of the jaw).

Registered Massage Therapy

This includes treatment of various areas of the body based on your needs & areas of discomfort. 

RMT addresses discomfort with job stress, muscle overuse, chronic pain. 

This is appropriate for your neck, back, arms, and/or legs! It is a whole body approach for relaxation, injury prevention & treatment.

Modalities that your massage may include:

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